Cable TV Internet Phone Service Hollywood Florida

Families want quality entertainment at reasonable rates. Hollywood Florida Cable TV providers offer all of this and more with digital cable services, customized programming packages, digital features like On Demand, Pay Per View and Parental Controls.

Parental Controls make it very easy for children and parents to get the age appropriate programming they want. Parental Controls can be used to block undesirable programming on channels, the DVR or the Pay Per View and On Demand menus. These Controls make any cable TV services family-friendly. 

The DVR can be used to store recorded programming indefinitely. The DVR can record in digital or HD formatting for a premium viewing experience. With a digital video recorder the entire family can record their favorite programs to be watched on their own schedule. The DVR can record on up to five channels at one time. It is also useful when watching selections on the On Demand and Pay Per View menus because it lets the viewer rewind, fast forward and pause to get the absolute most out of every selection.